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Blog about managing anxiety and depression

How can Miss Serenity help you?

My blog is here to help you with practical advice on how to manage your anxiety and depression. Learn what anxiety actually is; and why it affects us in the way that it does, and how it can actually be helpful at times.

I also offer help to those who are supporting friends and family that suffer from this, at times, debilitating illness. What should you say to them? How can you make life a little bit easier for them?

Learn how self-care and relationships are the most important elements of managing your anxiety and depression and why.

About me

Why should you listen to me?

Hi, I’m Claire (that’s me in the pic up there!)

I have suffered from anxiety all my life, and hand in hand with that, I also often suffer from depression. I have a chronic illness known as IBS and I am at a stage in my life where things are finally feeling good. I’m not ‘cured,’ as far as I’m aware, there is no known cure for these things. But we can learn to manage them, so that we are in control of our lives, instead of our illnesses being in control.

I have always felt the drive to help people, I love to put a smile on others’ faces and know that with some small (or large) deed, I have helped to make someone’s life that little bit better. Being a very open-minded person, I strive to be non-judgemental (though I am only human!) which I’m told makes me a great listener.

I only offer advice based on things that have or haven’t worked for me. This isn’t to say that it will be wrong or right for you, just something you can consider as an option.

I am also very proud to say that I am a certified CBT therapist. So not only do I know how to help you, I’ve walked in your shoes. Together we can get through this.

About the blog

‘Miss Serenity’ is who I aspire to be. Someone who finds it easy to relax at the end of a day at work, who doesn’t second guess everything that’s said to her, and who doesn’t have to analyse her thoughts to make sure it’s not ‘the anxiety’ talking.

I find I think more rationally and logically when I’m helping others. It seems my brain stops beating me up when someone else’s needs are in front of me. Which is probably one of the reasons I love to help people so much!

My aim for this little spot on the internet is to grow a community of like-minded people who can feel like they have a safe space to be themselves and not be told to ‘pull ourselves together’ or be judged for how we feel.

We are not perfect, we are human. But we are alive, and we deserve to enjoy our lives.


New Here?

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If you find yourself worrying about eco-anxiety I have a book that you can download from Amazon about the effects we have had on our planet, the great things people are doing to correct it, and what you can do to play your part.  It’s just £6.99! (Unless you have Kindle Unlimited, and then it’s free for you!)

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