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Anxiety and journaling

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All through my life, I have been a list writer. I love to organise anything and everything! This definitely helped me when I was first diagnosed with anxiety, and journaling can really help to organise your thoughts.

As this is something I still do to this day, and I find it incredibly helpful; I thought I would share it with you.

You will find pages in both A4 and A5 size. Add them to a folder for your convenience to keep them all in one place.


Anxiety and journalling


I have provided you with trackers for sleep, mood, meditation, diet and any physical symptoms you may have. Simply circle the icon that indicates whether you did well, or if it was tough for you on that day.

anxiety and journaling; track your progress as you manage your anxiety

There are also pages for you to journal your thoughts each day; things that you are grateful for, and to record some great things that have happened to you each day. I find that focusing on the positive in your day can help to lift your mood, and it becomes a bit addictive! You will find yourself searching for great things you can add to your journal.

anxiety and journaling; focus on the positives to start uplifting your life

Personally, I also find some positive quotes can sometimes help me to view things from a different perspective, so I have included some of my favourites that you can add to your journal for when you need some inspiration.

anxiety and journaling; quotes to inspire you

To get your copy of my anxiety journal, all you need to do is pop your details into the form below; confirm your subscription and then you will receive an email with the file for you to download. Because there is both an A5 and A4 version, you will need to unzip the file that you want and then you will be able to print out the pages you want as and when you need them.

I hope you find that anxiety and journaling go hand in hand; that it is a useful tool to help you manage your day to day worries and also take you a little closer to feeling more like you.

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to email me at or use the contact form here.

Happy journaling!

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