Being Alone At Christmas – 10 Ways To Spend It In Style

being alone at christmas

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In this third instalment of my four-part Christmas series, we will be discussing how being alone at Christmas doesn’t have to be seen as a negative, but rather as an opportunity to get to know yourself and have some fun!

Christmas day is hailed as the day to be together, to share in the laughter as well as the love of others. Society expects us to adhere to these traditions. But what if you find yourself spending Christmas day alone this year? Maybe you don’t like spending Christmas with people, if you’re not a naturally sociable person, it can also be your worst nightmare! Or maybe you are estranged from family and haven’t received an invite this year. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t have to be a negative experience!

Consider all the times you are surrounded by people, frustrated and stressed, and just needing a little alone time. The arguments around the dinner table after a few too many drinks. The early wake up to get breakfast cooked, the house cleaned and presents ready before visiting others. A solo Christmas day could be the best gift you ever give yourself!

being alone at christmas

being alone at christmasbeing alone at christmas


Whatever the reason for your alone time this Christmas, here are 10 ways to spend it in ‘style.’

Being alone at Christmas

  1. Go for a long walk in a nature area. This doesn’t have to be far from home. A local park, some wooded areas or near a stream will be just fine. Spending time in nature is good for the mind and soul, not to mention the exercise is great for the whole body too.
  2. Get up really late. If you have no pressing engagements, why not make a cup of tea, grab a good book and stay in bed for an extra hour or two? There’s nothing as cosy as being curled up under your duvet first thing in the morning, especially when it’s cold outside.
  3. Take a really long shower or bath. With no one else banging on the door to the bathroom, you can offer yourself a nice long soak, or relax under the stream of the shower. Allow yourself some luxury time with great smelling toiletries and also get out feeling revitalised.
  4. Eat whatever you want for the whole day! Not only does no one ever watch what they eat on Christmas day, but you don’t have the added pressure of having to eat the Xmas roast, brandy-soaked pudding or Xmas cake; you can have chip sarnies if you want to! Or binge on a big bar of chocolate (no one will judge you!)
  5. Listen to great music and dance. Release some feel-good hormones with your favourite music. Put on your favourite outfit and dance like you’re a pro, even if your not. Don’t forget to sing too!
  6. Get out and take photos. Some people have taken photos of their town while they were in lockdown for COVID, and it was eerie and mysterious. You can capture your own mystery on the empty streets of your local area while everyone is inside. You could also set up your camera to capture yourself on the quiet streets as a reminder of the fun you had!
  7. Binge-watch Netflix series. Need to catch up on your fave series? Want to start something new? Today is the perfect day to do it! If you have a tablet, you could even go back to bed and do it!
  8. Craft. Creativity is good for the mind, and also creating something beautiful will make you feel good and help hone your talents; take advantage of having no interruptions and spread your craft stuff out! You can take over the desk, the floor, or even the whole room!
  9. Phone some friends or family members. Just because you aren’t together, doesn’t mean you can’t talk. Phone someone and have a really long conversation about nothing.
  10. Be a nudist for the day (indoors only, let’s not get arrested!) There’s something very freeing about walking around in your birthday suit. With no one to judge you, why not just lounge around in the altogether!

Christmas, just like any other time of the year, is just one day. We put such special meaning on it that we feel compelled to follow the social norms as well as silly traditions. But you could use it to your advantage. Being alone doesn’t have to mean feeling lonely; you can be alone and also actually learn who you really are by cutting out the noise of other peoples opinions.

So don’t look at it as a bad thing if you do find yourself alone, think of it as an opportunity to be with yourself.

What will you be doing this Christmas? Will you be flying solo, or surrounded by people? Let us know in the comments below!


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