How To Sleep With Someone Snoring

how to sleep with someone snoring

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If you live with a significant other that snores the night away, you are probably familiar with the early hours of the morning! My husband has developed this nasty little habit in recent years and it just keeps getting worse. After many nights, and sometimes weeks of little to no sleep; I had to concede that I had only a few options available to me – divorce, murder or sleep in another room! I needed to find out how to sleep with someone snoring.

We are still married, and he is still very much alive! (I’m happy to say!) But I’m also sleeping in the same room as my darling husband, despite his chainsaw impressions. We tried everything we could possibly think of, and nothing seemed to work…until now.

Read on to find out what we tried and how I succeeded in finally getting a great nights sleep…


Snore strips

My husbands snoring wasn’t always bad, it was intermittent and so not as much of an issue. He bought snore strips from the local chemist. These little strips fit across his nose and hold the nostrils open a little wider allowing for more air to get in. To begin with, these seemed to do the trick. He would snore very softly or not at all and so I was able to sleep through it.

But eventually, they stopped working.


So then I bought earplugs to try to drown him out. These definitely do the trick in stopping the sound of his snoring getting through, but I could hear my heartbeat in my head as well as my breathing, and by the morning, my ears were incredibly sore. They work for some, but not for me!

Sinus Spray and Antihistamines

We considered the possibility that maybe his snoring was down to allergies, so he tried taking anti-allergy tablets and using a sinus spray before bed. Again, these worked great, to begin with, but once his body was used to them, they stopped doing the job.

Removing a pillow

My husband thought that maybe removing one of his pillows may help to open up his neck area, as his particular snoring sounds like he is trying to breathe through his mouth, even though it’s shut! Unfortunately, this made no difference whatsoever.

Sleeping in separate rooms.

At various times, I have removed myself and slept in my son’s room, while he was at Uni; and on the sofa in the living room, while my son was home. My husband has also resorted to sleeping on the sofa to give me a better nights sleep. While this solution has been the most effective in allowing me to get some much-needed sleep, I hate it. I don’t like us being in separate rooms; we’ve only been married a little over three years and I’m not ready to start acting like we’re on the verge of divorce just yet!

How to sleep with someone snoring

How to sleep with someone snoringHow To Sleep With Someone Snoring…

Introducing the godsend of my life! When scrolling through Facebook one day, one of the groups I am in posed a question about how to sleep with someone snoring. I was (of course) very interested to see what was suggested!

A few people mentioned a sleep mask that plays music while you sleep, from an app that we use called Calm for meditation. I followed the link that was posted in the group and saw that the mask was available on Amazon. (UK version here)

It wasn’t exactly going to break the bank and at this point, I was willing to try anything! So I went ahead and ordered it.

After a couple of nights of tweaking and finding the best settings, I have finally been able to get the sleep I need! I can no longer hear my hubby when he starts snoring like a wildebeest and I feel rested and energetic again! Here are my pros and cons of the mask:

The pros:

  • It blocks out the light completely – this is great for me. Being a light sleeper, the summer mornings wake me up earlier than I appreciate sometimes
  • It’s comfortable – Soft and cosy around the eyes, not tight around the head and the controls are on the front so it doesn’t interfere with laying down
  • Hubby can’t hear it – it would kind of defeat the purpose if it kept him awake instead, but thankfully only the wearer can hear it
  • It connects wirelessly to my Calm app on my phone – I use Calm for meditation anyway, so being able to utilize the music to help me sleep is a bonus
  • You can play it all night long – I don’t usually suffer from not being able to fall asleep, but it’s nice to drift off to some soothing music
  • I can’t hear anything outside of the headset – no more being woken up at 2 or 3 am to my husbands snoring!

The cons:

  • It doesn’t switch itself off so it needs to be charged every day – to me, this isn’t really a problem, but I thought I should try to find at least one thing that isn’t great so it doesn’t seem too good to be true!

A couple of tips for using the mask:

  • Charge it for at least 2 hours before first use
  • I’ve only used it with the Calm app so I’m not sure how it might work with other apps, but if you are also using the Calm app, here are some pointers for you –
    • I have found the music to be better at drowning out the snoring than using ‘white noise,’ however, you will want to change the settings to make one piece of music play on a loop for 8 hours. Letting the app cycle through different music pieces woke me up because some of them have talking on them, some of them are quiet and some are quite loud!
  • Find a piece of music you like that makes you feel relaxed before you settle down properly for sleep. Having to change it once your settled will make you feel restless.
  • When you first take the mask off in the morning, your eyes may feel a little puffy. This will pass, (quite quickly) it’s simply because you have had them covered all night. It’s the same when you wear a normal sleep mask.

As far as I’m concerned, the Bluetooth sleep mask is a gift from the Gods! I have finally found out how to sleep with someone snoring!

All joking aside, sleep deprivation is an awful thing to experience. It really affected my anxiety levels, and the lack of rest was making my IBS flare up every day, which in turn, brought on my depression.

It was also affecting my husband, because, although it wasn’t his fault, and he tried everything to control his snoring, he felt responsible for my health suffering.

So if you are in the same situation as this, dealing with a snoring partner, take a look at this Bluetooth sleep mask and maybe try it for yourself. I can almost guarantee that you won’t regret it.


Have you figured out how to sleep with someone snoring? What do you do? Let us know in the comments below!


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