The Be Kind Collection

Be kind collection

What does it take to be kind? A huge gesture? Loads of money? All your time? No. It’s the little things that make a difference. A note to say thank you, a cup of tea for someone who looks cold, or maybe a smile at someone who looks like they need one.

The idea behind my Be Kind range is to show that small things can make a huge difference. My little hedgehog is offering a single flower along with a smile to brighten your day! Designed to either show your support for the mental health community by wearing it yourself or to show a specific someone that you care by gifting it to them.

  • All gifts are either handmade or designed by me
  • Every item I sell is chosen with care and thought behind it
  • All products are of high quality and I have researched any outsourced products before I include them in the shop – if you have any problems with an item, please reach out, I am always happy to receive feedback and make changes where necessary

Mental health gifts don’t have to be expensive; just thoughtful.

Available in the Be Kind Collection:

Ladies T-Shirts

Ladies Sweatshirts and hoodies



Blankets and Pillows

Wall Art

Is there an item you would particularly like to see? Let me know! I am always open to suggestions.

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