The Ultimate List Of Mental Health Bloggers

Mental health bloggers

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This list of mental health bloggers is designed to help you find someone that has experienced similar symptoms to you but does not replace the advice of a professional.

Throughout my time with anxiety, depression, chronic illness and stress, I have seen several medical professionals, including doctors, specialists, counsellors and therapists. They were all somewhat helpful in their approach to my illnesses, but none of them had suffered from the same things as me, so although they could sympathise, they didn’t empathise with me.

Trying to find someone somewhere that can see life through my eyes has been a difficult thing. There are many blogs on the internet by charities and organisations that can help with the usual jargon, advice and suggestions, but there aren’t many that get me, and what I struggle with daily.

That’s why I started Miss Serenity. So that anyone in my situation has someone they can relate to.

I then decided to start a hunt for all the bloggers I could find that share their stories with the world. I can only share the situation that I’m in, but what about those who suffer from other mental health issues?

And so I bring you, the Ulitmate List Of Mental Health bloggers:


Mental Health Bloggers: A

A Beautiful Chaos

Written by Nicole, this is a mental health blog aimed at reducing the stigma around mental health issues and also supporting those who struggle with mental health problems. Nicole started the blog in 2014 and is a keen photographer.

About Social Anxiety

Arlin is the author behind this blog about social anxiety. She aims to help people manage and understand their social anxiety so they can get help and overcome it.

A Caring Mind

This blog is aimed at supporting carers of mental health sufferers. Caring for someone who has ongoing mental issues is no easy task and can leave them feeling lost and alone. Get support and friendship as well as helpful tips and information to support you here.

Adventure and Anxiety

Bethany Jane started her blog to give her the motivation to travel around her country of Scotland. Suffering anxiety, she struggled with travelling. Read her stories on how she is coping with anxiety and her life in general on this honest blog.

AKKR ED Recover Care

Named only as AK, this author is all about recovery from eating disorders. Read through journal entries, verses and letters for inspiration. AK can also be contacted for support in your recovery.

Ali Hemsley

Ali documents her struggles with M.E., Fybromyalgia, anxiety and depression on her blog while pursuing her passions of fashion, beauty and fitness. Read about how she manages her daily struggles while trying to live her best life.

Alison Dotson

Alison is the author of Being Me With OCD: How I learned to obsess less and live my life. She is currently managing her OCD and uses her blog to highlight other professionals in the world of OCD.

Amy’s Borderline World

Amy struggles with several mental health issues, including Post Natal Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder. A mother of 2 boys and a girl, Amy uses her platform to try to help and also inspire others to speak out about their mental health issues. Read her story here.

Anxiety Gone

Run by Chantal McCulligh and Amber Huber, anxiety gone is a blog designed to help anxiety sufferers learn how to live a happy and fulfilling life. With a podcast and subscription box service for anxiety, this is a blog you won’t want to miss.

Anxiety Guru

Paul Dooley is a licenced therapist and the author behind Anxiety Guru. Having suffered from anxiety himself and learning to overcome it, he built his website to help others to overcome their anxiety too.

Anxiety Sisters

The Anxiety Sisters is made up of Maggie Sarachek and Abbe Greenberg who discovered they both suffered from anxiety throughout their University years and into adulthood. They have been friends for over 20 years and battled their anxiety together. Their blog is aimed at helping others deal with their anxiety too.

Anxious Lass

Written by Kelly Jean, this blog is close to my heart. When I was searching for help during a relapse in my anxiety, I stumbled across Anxious Lass and found her words honest, uplifting and inspirational. Although I suffer from generalized anxiety, and not social anxiety like Kelly, I could relate. She was the inspiration behind Miss Serenity!

A Splintered Mind

Douglas Cootey is the mind behind this blog focused on ADHD, depression and suicide. It’s a very open and honest blog about his struggles, and he uses dark humour and attitude to get his points across. Author of Saying No To Suicide,’ and a regular in ADDitude magazine, he has been blogging since 1995 and knows a thing or two!


Mental Health Bloggers: B

Be Ur Own Light

The author behind this blog is Eleanor Segall. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at just 16 years of age and uses her website to highlight the struggles with this illness, as well as her anxiety disorder. Eleanor aims to help other sufferers by offering her stories of recovery and to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness. She has a book called ‘Bring Me To Light,’ and her blog was also awarded 7th place by Vuelio in the top 10 UK mental health blogs.

Bipolar Happens

Julie A. Fast, a well-published author of many books on bipolar disorder was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her 30’s. She went on to discover she has schizoaffective disorder and writes about her experiences on her blog, Bipolar Happens. Seeking to help those who suffer from the disorders or who care for someone in this situation, she shares her struggles and learnings in this insightful blog.

Bipolar Too

Bipolar Too is written by a mother and daughter duo who call themselves Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2. They share their lives, including the ups and downs of living with Bipolar disorder in the hopes of helping people to understand the illness better. Offering a candid and open view into their days, and also where they have come from, this is a great blog for those who wish to better understand bipolar disorder.

BPD No More

Dee Chan discovered she had BPD when she was 30 but didn’t get the help she needed. She spiralled downwards through depression and suicide attempts before signing herself into a psychiatric hospital. Being treated using a process called Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, helped her to recover and finally live a normal life. She now helps others to overcome their bipolar disorder issues through drawing on her years of experience.


Mental Health Bloggers: C

Cara’s Corner

Cara is a mental health nurse, but she has also suffered from mental health issues for most of her life. She uses her platform to help break down the stigma attached to mental health issues, and also to show the world that mental health problems do not define a person. She talks about all things mental health, with a sprinkling of some her other passions thrown in such as feminism, travel and the general happenings in her life.


Bill White is the founder of Chipur, he is a mental health professional and has also struggled with mental health issues himself for several years. He has won awards for his blog under the depression category, beaten alcoholism and also helped countless people over the years that he has been working. Check out his insightful stories on this refreshing blog.


Mental Health Bloggers: D

Daisies and Bruises

Daisies and Bruises is a beautiful blog and mental health awareness site. Written by Amy, she covers all sorts of topics covering today’s issues with mental health stigma and also how to overcome the issues that come with it. She uses stories, poetry and gorgeous images to keep you entranced on her website.

Dasia Pollard

Dasia Pollard is a mental health and lifestyle blogger who suffers from depression and generalized anxiety disorder. She uses her blog to help others learn to cope with and manage their mental health issues as well as looking after your general health. She has a wealth of information and free resources for you to take advantage of.

Dave Wise Matters

This blog is focussed on bipolar disorder as well as other mental health issues. After suffering a loss of his own, Dave talks about mental health, faith and fatherhood among other things. Drawing on his own experiences, he hopes to bring hope and love to all who read his work.

David Susman

David Susman is a clinical psychologist who advocates for mental health, believing that being informed will help to reduce the stigma attached to it. He focuses on mental health, wellness and recovery from both mental illness and addiction. This is a different take on most personal blogs, as it draws on his experience with working with mental illness rather than suffering with it. If you like to know the science behind your brain, get resources, help and support, this would be the ideal site for you!

Depressed While Black

This blog started as a thesis for Imadé (pronounced ee-mah-day) when she was a student at Columbia University. She is a suicide survivor who has depression and borderline personality disorder; she has grown Depressed While Black into an online community, while writing a book, and providing personal care items to mental hospital patients. Read her stories here.

Depression Marathon

Etta is the blogger behind Depression Marathon. She writes about not only her struggle with depression but also how it has changed her life. She aims to help others with their depression and help people become more informed about depression.

Depression Warrior

The brainchild of Laura Becker, Depression Warrior focuses on depression. How to live with it, manage it and not feel so alone with it. She has several awards and qualifications and she has suffered from depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder (recently removed from her file through her hard work), for 30+ years. She is open and honest and sometimes quite blunt with her words, but she gets her point across in this very real blog of her experiences.

Diary Of A Social Phobic

Gemma has social anxiety and bouts of depression and uses her blog to highlight how she lives with both, and how she strives to overcome them. She hopes to help others feel less alone and inform others about living with anxiety and depression. Through her experiences of what has and hasn’t helped, she hopes this will give inspiration to her readers.

Diffusing The Tension

Jen writes about mental health in the hopes of inspiring her readers to find inspiration and peace in their journey. Suffering from mental health issues for 25 years, she has bipolar disorder. Through sharing her own story, she hopes to help people become more informed and also open that all-important conversation about mental health with others.

Dior Vargas

Dior Vargas is the Latina Feminist behind The People Of Colour and Mental Illness Photo Project. Although not a blog as such, she highlights that people of colour are often invisible when it comes to highlighting mental illness in the media. She aims to change that with her project and bring people from all walks of life into the light. An inspiring project that I believe deserves to be noted here.

Dr Deb

Dr Deb is a psychologist who uses her blog to highlight mental health and wellness events as well as give some insight into what to do if you suffer from mental health issues.


Mental Health Bloggers: E

Eating Disorder Hope

Eating Disorder Hope is the blog of Jacquelyn Ekern. In 2005 after her battle with and recovery from an eating disorder, she decided to share her story. She was joined in 2016 by Baxter Ekern as the CEO. They aim to provide hope, resources and information to anyone who suffers from an eating disorder as well as their families. Jacquelyn is also a therapist specialising in eating disorders.

Elisha Goldstein

Psychologist, author and speaker Elisha Goldstein takes a mindful approach to modern treatments for anxiety, stress and depression. She offers not only practical advice on transforming our anxious minds into places of inner peace, but also self-acceptance. A great example of how traditional and progressive medicine and treatment can work in harmony together.


Mental Health Bloggers: F

Finding Hope

Lauren Hooper suffers from a wide range of mental health issues including OCD, anxiety and depression. She started her blog in the hopes that sharing her story will help others feel less alone, as she feels she would have benefited from knowing this herself through her struggles. She is also an avid songwriter and is passionate about her work with this. Read her stories here.

Free From Social Anxiety

Barbara started Free From Social Anxiety to help others overcome their anxiety disorders. She has suffered from social anxiety, general anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, but is now in a better place, enjoying her life. She wants to help you do the same with her experiences and a step-by-step program that she wrote based on her recovery.


Mental Health Bloggers: G

Geek Magnifique

Melissa Boyle is the writer behind this blog. She uses it to open up honest conversations about mental health in an attempt to break down the walls and stigma associated with mental health problems. Join her here.

Grace F Victory

Grace is an inspirational blogger who uses her voice to create change. She advocates for plus size fashion, mental health and wellness and also the importance of self-development. She is well known for her award-winning creations and her refusal to diminish herself to suit expectations in society. You can see her work here.


Mental Health Bloggers: H

Healing From BPD

Debbie is a certified life coach, teaching others around the world to overcome borderline personality disorder, which she too suffered from for many years. Her Dialectical Behavioural Therapy courses are online and co-facilitated by licenced therapist Kathryn Holt. She aims to inspire people to move forward with their lives and also find hope that there is recovery from this disorder.

Heather LeGuilloux

Heather has been a mental health therapist and worked in the mental health field for over 10 years. Through her extensive knowledge, she uses her blog to not only bring awareness to all of the mental health issues but also how to cope with them. She talks mainly about anxiety and depression and has handy resources to help you cope with your mental health issues.

Hey Sigmund

Karen Young created her site, Hey Sigmund to bring the science of psychology into the modern world. Armed with the knowledge of how your illness works, you have more power to battle it and overcome it. She is a psychologist and speaker and has also been published in various magazines and websites. She covers topics such as stress, anxiety, depression and mindfulness and aims to help you incorporate her reading into your own life.

Hilary Jacobs Hendel

In her blog, Hilary introduces us to a concept known as ‘the change triangle.’ This concept is designed to bring us back to our true selves so that we learn to deal with our emotions instead of pushing them away or bottling them up. She comes from years of experience not only in psychology and psychoanalysis but also the personal experience of anxiety and depression herself. Find out more on her blog.


Mental Health Bloggers: I

I Haven’t Shaved In Six Weeks

Lindsey Hall is an eating disorder survivor who started her blog as posts about her experience in rehab. Trying to find out what she could expect whilst in her rehabilitation phase, she found not a lot of useful information and felt that people needed to know what they were up against when entering a rehab facility. And so ‘I Haven’t Shaved In Six Weeks’ was born, due to that fact that patients are not allowed razors in case they self-harm. Read her honest accounts of her journey here.

I’m Not Disordered

Aimee started her website to show people with borderline personality disorder what it’s like to deal with the illness, that recovery is possible and what being an inpatient in a mental health facility is like. Like most of us mental health bloggers, she aims not only to help those who suffer from mental health issues but also to bring awareness to the world of mental health and to reduce the stigma attached to it.


Mental Health Bloggers: J

Jennifer Marshall

Jennifer shares her experiences with bipolar disorder which has left her hospitalised five times when she was without medication. She hopes to inspire other women that a life of hope, joy and love is possible with this disorder, by sharing her stories.

Just Davia 

Davia has experience working with rape crisis victims but had to leave her career behind due to becoming burnt out. She then went on to pursue a career in supporting other women in the same position. If you are a woman in the wellness industry feeling the weight of your job, visit her website today for help, inspiration and support.


Mental Health Bloggers: K

Kelly Martin Speaks

Kelly has suffered from depression, anxiety and grief in her ‘un-normal’ life and hopes to inspire others to see a way out of their darkness by sharing her experiences on her blog. She is the author of several books, such as ‘When Everyone Shines But You,’ and has guest posted on and Steven Aitchison’s Site. She shares real stories of what has happened to her and how she has been recovering.


Mental Health Bloggers: L

Lawyers With Depression

Dan, the author behind this website, suffered from depression, anxiety and stress and uses his platform to not only share his own stories of battling the illnesses but also to support others who suffer too. Initially set up to support people in the legal profession, this blog now serves anyone who deals with depression and anxiety in their lives.

Life In A Bind

This blog is written by a bipolar disorder sufferer, about her experiences with the disorder and the accompanying issues, such as anxiety, depression and panic disorder. She hopes to inspire others and make people feel like they aren’t so alone with her stories.

Life In A Breakdown

Sarah is a UK blogger, writing about her experiences with Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, mental health issues and several other disorders that she lives with. She built Life In A Breakdown to try to inject some positivity into life. She hopes to help others see the brighter side of life despite the difficulties they may face with mental health problems and chronic illnesses.

Little Thoughts

Hannah is the author and creator of this blog, a creative space to share her experiences with mental health, lifestyle, therapy and more. She talks about such things as how mental health has changed her view on life as well as the things that she aspires to do in life. Find her inspirational words here.

Mental Health bloggers

Mental Health bloggers

Mental Health Bloggers: M

Marks Psychiatry

Dr Tracey Marks, a general and forensic psychiatrist, is the writer behind Marks Psychiatry. She aims to use her platform to raise awareness and understanding of mental health disorders, mental well-being and self-improvement. She is a believer in knowledge being a power which is why she aims to bring about change in the current stigma attached to mental health issues.

Megan Rees

Megan blogs about her life, including her struggles with mental health disorders, recovery and her pregnancy.

Meltdown by Kyle

Kyle shares his journey with mental health to try to make a difference. He hopes to help end the stigma attached to mental wellness and does some work public speaking to help facilitate this. It’s refreshing to have a male perspective on mental health, as although more women tend to suffer from mental health issues, men seem to suffer in silence, which is so wrong. Read his inspiring story here.

Me, Myself and Mental Health

Beth is a councillor and mental health blogger. She has experience of suffering from OCD, anxiety and depression and shares the things she deals with daily, as well as what has helped her.

Me, Myself and My BPD

Athina suffers from bipolar disorder as well as depression. She shares her stories with you to help inspire you and let you know that you are not alone and that there is life after diagnosis.

Men’s Minds Matter

Men’s minds matter is the brainchild of Dr Luke Sullivan. Set up to help bring awareness to men’s mental health as well as suicide prevention, it is a not-for-profit community interest project. Find out more here.

Mental Health @ Home

Ashley Peterson suffers from a treatment-resistant major depressive disorder which has almost taken her life several times. She is a health nurse and shares her journey in the hopes of giving herself some purpose during periods of not working due to her mental health. She

Mental Illness Talk

Claire has suffered for several years with mental health issues and aims to use her blog to raise awareness and understanding among the general public of mental health problems. She has a passion for writing and also has hopes that she can help those suffering from mental health problems feel less alone.

Mike’s Open Journal

Mike shares his own experiences of suffering from mental health issues and uses his blog to share his story. He now runs a podcast alongside his blog and involves himself in several charity events as well as the mental health blog awards. Find out more here.

Mind Body Soul with Calie

Calie’s blog is a little bit different in the respect that she shares her experiences with moving her life forward. She creates a positive and inspiring place to hang out as well as learn about things like personal growth, manifesting and having passion and purpose in your life. I believe that everybody needs some positivity in their life which is why I feel this blog is an important part of this list. Read it here.

Mummy Tries

Reneé writes about life as a mother with mental health issues, as well as having a daughter with autism. She is the author of the self-help book ‘Become The Best You’ and talks about how she got from rock bottom to happy. An inspiring blog for those on the rollercoaster of parenthood with mental health problems.

My BPD Story

Life After BPD is written by a sufferer of Borderline Personality Disorder. Using her own experiences through misdiagnosis, struggling with her mental illness and life in general; she shares her life in a very raw and honest way. This is an eye-opening read for those who suffer from BPD as well as those who are looking for information about the disorder. Those who have loved ones suffering from BPD would be wise to read it; to truly understand what they’re going through and how they might be able to do to help. For anyone suffering from it, I would recommend reading through for suggestions on how to help themselves as well as to understand that they are not alone.

My Brain’s Not Broken

Nathan has suffered from mental health problems since at least the age of 19 when he decided to confront it. He uses his blog to open the discussion on mental health issues and to share his experiences while inviting readers to share their stories too.

My Postpartum Voice

This is a place for mothers who have or are suffering from postpartum depression. Also known as postnatal depression, it affects many mothers, all over the world. For a glimpse of how to overcome it and ideas on how to help those you love suffering from it, check out this blog today.


Mental Health Bloggers: N

Natasha Tracy

This award-winning author is also the brains behind the blog about living with bipolar disorder. She is a speaker, writer, and social media consultant who aims to bring awareness to bipolar disorder through her work. Her book: ‘Lost Marbles’ talks about her experience with BPD and she is currently working on her second book.

Nerve 10

Jordan is the guy behind Nerve 10. His introduction to the world of mental health, due to his mum needing crisis intervention, shapes his blog. Through his learnings over the years, he has decided to turn the world of mental illness into a word of mental wellness; helping people to understand what mental health is all about as well as putting as much information out there as possible to help others.

Nikki Blisset

Nikki’s Digital Butterfly blog is all about her journey with anxiety, postnatal depression, bipolar disorder and PTSD. Read about her transformation in changing her career and her life by following her passions.


Mental Health Bloggers: P

Pax Nortona

Joel Sax is the man behind this blog. He writes about his life, what he does, where he goes and also goes into how he feels. As a sufferer of depression and Bipolar disorder, he has some really interesting words of wisdom and truth.

Pillows and Trees

Anna, the author of this blog, has generalised anxiety disorder. She uses her blog to highlight more natural approaches to treating her anxiety. Anns is a believer in keeping her mind and body well to complete the package of wellness. She points out that everything is connected, so it’s important to look after all aspects of the mind and body.

PND And Me

Rosey suffered from both antenatal and postnatal depression with all three of her children. She has a twitter support network that she uses to discuss topics around perinatal mental health issues to help other sufferers.


Mental Health Bloggers: R

Radical Transformation Project

Faith is a Depression and anxiety sufferer who shares her transformation journey in the hopes of helping other women battle their illness. She admits that she still has bad days, but her life is so much better now. Read more here.

Relief From Anxiety

Amy shares her experiences with anxiety and depression in the hopes of providing advice and support to others who suffer from these illnesses and also help them through their recovery.

Rose Minded

Kay is the mind behind Rose Minded. She has experience with psychology through college and also uses her blog to offer support and advice to those searching for it. She has a passion for writing and wants to write books with her knowledge. Her blog is not only about personal growth, but also about mental health advocacy.


Mental Health Bloggers: S


The author behind this blog tells their story of being sectioned in one of the UK’s busiest acute psychiatric wards and how the experience led to them being diagnosed with PTSD. The blog focuses on the importance of mental health treatments being more positive than what they experienced. They also tweet a lot about their experiences of daily life.

Seeking Serotonin

Nia is a sufferer of anxiety and depression, which also led to a drink and eating problem. She shares her experiences with building a business helping people with the same issues she faced; and how her life has changed for the better.

Selfcare Overload

Kendra aims to help people find time to give themselves the proper self-care that they need. She is studying to become a mental health councillor and is also passionate about helping people overcome their mental health issues.

Sloth Speed Recovery

MJ has a very interesting approach to supporting the mental health community. The blog is called Sloth Speed Recovery because it’s all about learning to take your recovery at a pace that is right for you. Just like a sloth, mental health sufferers are often seen as lazy, however, we all know that we are not! We just can’t always make decisions and get things done when we are overwhelmed. Also, the sloth keeps going, always moving forward. This is exactly what we need to do to get to recovery.

Storied Mind

This blog is written by John Folk-Williams, a depression sufferer who, while acknowledging that there is a place for medical professional information; also knows that some of the best support we can receive is from those who have been there. If you suffer from depression, this blog is worth a read.

Suddenly Bipolar

Suddenly Bipolar is Deborah’s blog about how her diagnosis of a mental health disorder explains the previous 30 years of her life. She talks about this diagnosis and also how it affects her life and future.


Mental Health Bloggers: T

Taming Olivia

Taming Olivia is a unique approach to dealing with OCD. Catherine is an advocate for perinatal OCD and also volunteers for the Maternal OCD charity. She calls her OCD Olivia and introduces you to her on her blog. With her unique characteristics, Olivia is an external vision of Catherine’s illness and how she deals with it in her life. Read her story here.

The Anxiety Coach

Dr Dave Carbonell shares his insights of working with mental health patients for over 30 years. He offers advice and support as well as articles to give people a starting point with self-help for anxiety.

The Butterfly Mother

Laura shares her experiences with postnatal depression and anxiety as well as OCD. She offers advice and techniques on managing perinatal health and anxiety; self-care for parents as well as how no one needs to be a perfect mum, just a good enough mum. Read her stories here.

The Worry Games

AnnaLisa shares her experience of over 20 years recovering from a generalised anxiety disorder. She helps readers to understand that there are reasons for the feelings they have; and also that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She is honest and open and to the point. A great blog for GAD sufferers.


Mental Health Bloggers: W

We’re All Mad Here

Claire Eastham is a noted speaker, mental health blogger as well as a mental health campaigner. She is also the author of the best-selling book ‘We’re All Mad Here;’ and uses her own experiences to talk about social anxiety and panic attacks. You will find honesty and several curse words in her blog; which she uses to close the bridge between not only those who suffer from mental health issues but also those who treat them.



The reason I did this, was to highlight that no matter what mental health issues you may be suffering from; you are not alone. There is someone out there who knows exactly what you’re going through. No one should suffer mental illness alone, and now we don’t have to.


Did I miss anyone? Did you find someone who gets you on this list? Let me know in the comments below.


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